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My Luzern Labs must haves!

 Free radicals interfere with the normal cellular function of the skin.  Left unchecked this eventually leads to damaged cells, tissues and skin in the form of wrinkles sagging and other signs of aging.  Antioxidants stop these bio chemical reactions from taking place. Since sunlight is one of the main harmful factors that induce reactive oxygen species formation many top dermatologists and esthetician’s recommended the use of antioxidants under sunscreen.  A couple of my favorite antioxidants are the @luzernlabs Serum Absolut V15, and the Force De Vie pure oxygen cream luxe! ( Save 15% with my code BFBEAUTY15 ).  Here’s why: I’ve found that the 15% concentration of the V15 serum is perfect! It isn’t too acidic or irritating to my skin like higher % vitamin C’s I’ve used in the past. After three weeks of continuous use my skin had a beautiful glow to it. The addition of glycerin and H.A made my skin feel well hydrated, plump and smooth! The large two ounce bottle lasted me quite a whil

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